I illustrated these ALL ARE WELCOME / TODOS SON BIEVENIDOS buttons for a few amazing librarians that work at a local public library. They started a store and 100% of the profits will be donated directly to EveryLibrary, a nonprofit which helps libraries across the nation win their local ballot initiatives. It's been really great working on this project and the support so far has been incredible. I am looking  forward to more languages in the future. Please check out their store and support your local library. 

Public libraries are community spaces that are welcoming to all, and we need to demonstrate that now more than ever. Make a small gesture to show that you welcome everyone in your library by wearing this beautiful bilingual button.


PJWA screen printed poster

I illustrated and screen printed these posters in my kitchen while listening the to ME OR THE PARTY, the new album from Point Juncture Wa. One of the best bands out there, I love these people and the music they make.


Another Holiday Sale

Stumptown Coffee (3356 SE Belmont)

I am getting together with some old and new friends to sell some stuff... comics, zines, prints, jewelry, you get it! I screen printed some postcards for the show, pick one up at Stumptown. See ya there!


STUCK | Somnambulist

Illustrated and letterpress printed the cover for STUCK, issue #28 of SOMNAMBULIST for Martha Grover. Really excited about the way the colors turned out. Can't wait to read the finished zine. 


The End of My Career by Martha Grover | Book Cover

Book cover design I designed for Perfect Day Publishing's The End of My Career by Martha Grover. This book is fantastic, Martha is one of my favorite writers, I love working with her and truly enjoy her work. check out this book, her previous book and/or long running zine SOMNAMBULIST.


PERFECT PARTY | Book release for Martha Grover & Casey Jarman

I designed & screen printed these posters for the upcoming release party for two of my favorite Portland people Martha Grover & Casey Jarman. They both have books being released into the world  and with the help of Perfect Day Publishing, Party Damage Records, local musicians, store owners, friends, family and a whole bunch of other great people they are throwing a PERFECT PARTY to celebrate the releases! For more information please visit HERE


SKY CHEFS Fiend Folio

I am having so much fun designing/illustrating these album covers for LA's Sky Chefs. I am doing a different cover for each EP. The first two versions are up on their band camp page... go check out these recordings, you won't be disappointed. 


SOMNAMBULIST 27 | zine cover

I designed and printed these Somnambulist #27 zine covers. Martha Grover's SOMNAMBULIST is going strong with issue number 27! Martha Grover and David Small correspond between Portland and Amsterdam.  Great zine with some nice letterpress printed covers by yours truly. Don't sleep on her work, available for purchase here.


Aladdin Theater | Tee Shirts

I illustrated these Aladdin Theater tee shirts. One of my favorite venues in Portland, I was really excited to get the chance to work on these. Available here



Destination Universe! | Postcard

Reservation cards for space travel. Business cards for Destination Universe! 
Letterpress printed, Interplanetary Tour Reservation postcard with perforated business card.


The Ghost Ease | Show Poster

I illustrated and screen printed these posters for The Ghost Ease. celebrating the release of RAW their debut full length album. One of my favorite albums this year for sure. Four color screen print on 100b Mohawk



My most current work ACCOMPLISHMENTS is online and all the prints are available for purchase. 
I am really proud of the show and all the hard work that went into producing this group of prints. Amazing photography by Christa Fowles


Months | Poster

Prepping for the upcoming Months record release. Screen printed a bunch of these promo posters on newsprint that was used to clean a C&P. Watch out for one of these on a telephone near you.


The Dovecotes | Download Cards

I designed, illustrated and printed these oversized download cards for The Dovecotes. I did the art work for DO RI ME virtual 7 inch single from Destination: Universe! Seriously check out the virtual seven inch series coming out over there at DU!, great recordings, artwork, and music. Check it out here


Rock and Roll Camp 10 posters

Its here again ROCK CAMP 10! I can't believe we have been doing this camp for ten years. I illustrated and printed some blank posters to take out and have the kids add the artwork on. Exciting plans this year all around, going to try and do some screen printing the kids band logos this year, and hopefully get in that drum room!